Greenovo Piles

After contact with anorectal wound It would dissolve rapidly and expand into gel , then form a protective film on the surface to avoid external stimuli and effective in relieving mucosa edema, belly pain, etc..Meanwhile,It can absorb the inflammatory substances what caused pain in the wound— slow excitation peptide、 histamine and so on to ease pain .Nanoscale pore structure can be a strong adsorption of wound exudate and purulent secretion. It would removal the necrotic tissue, effectively protect the tissue growth factor activity and keep the wound clean to promote healing;Broad-spectrum antimicrobial can form wound antibacterial barriere and ffectively prevent wound infection.

Precision & Performance – Industry Gold Standard:

  • Applicable to hemorrhoids bleeding and postoperative care
  • Applicable department:Anorectal
  • Product model:NT 3*5*0.1cm


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