• Topical and effective hemostatic medicines in Greenovo

    Date:2015-12-29    Source:Greenovo
    The majority of the studies were suitable for application in emergency conditions because of convenience and efficacy Additionally, the methods described above were all employed externally, which made hemostatic dressing in wounds easier for caregivers
  • The hemostatic effect of hemostatic dressing

    Date:2015-12-21    Source:Greenovo
    Alginate dressings were first presented as wound care and haemostatic dressing products Alginate dressings have been used to treat different wound types
  • Chitosan as a Hemostatic Agent

    Date:2015-12-17    Source:Greenovo
    Review classified all topical hemostatic agents and show advantage of chitosan-based dressind Also it gives perspectives in hemostatic dressing research
  • Greenovo:Biomaterials for Hemorrhage Control

    Date:2015-12-16    Source:Greenovo
    Systemic uses of pharmacological agents, such as recombinant coagulation factors (27), typically Factor VII (28, 29), vasopressors (30) and antifibrinolytic agents (31), which are considered as drugs, have been reviewed (32-34), and are not included
  • Medical Therapy for Renal-Artery Stenosis

    Date:2015-12-14    Source:Greenovo
    The trial was approved by the West Midlands United Kingdom Multicenter Research Ethics Committee and the ethics committee at each participating study center
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