• Prevent Radial Artery Occlusion After Coronary Invasive Procedure

    Date:2015-12-02    Source:Greenovo
    Spasm was reported in 10 2% of cases, hematoma > 5 cm in 3 4% and occlusion of the radial artery after the procedure and at 30 days in 6 8% and 3 4% of the cases, respectively Conclusions: The TR Band radial compression device is safe and effective in obtaining reduced rates of radial artery occlusion after invasive coronary procedures
  • A Multi-Functional Tetronic Surgical Adhesive Containing Chitosan

    Date:2015-12-01    Source:Greenovo
    Therefore, the objectives of the present study are to synthesize and characterize a multi-functional Tetronic adhesive comprising acrylate groups for bulk strength, NHS ends to activate the adhesive for strong covalent bonding with tissue and chitosan as a hemostatic agent
  • The experience with the Greenovo vascular access closure device: a human study

    Date:2015-11-30    Source:Greenovo
    The number of patients included in this study was low This prevents us to reach conclusive results We included only the patients undergoing diagnostic coronary angiography with 6 F sheath Hence, it is necessary to conduct another study with larger sheath in the patients undergoing coronary interventions According to our hospital policy, we do not use heparin in diagnostic procedures
  • Safety and Feasibility of the Venous Access via Internal Jugular Vein Puncture Approach

    Date:2015-11-27    Source:Greenovo
    1 IntroductionIn order to administer chemotherapeutic agents such as FOLFOX or FOLFIRI in outpatients, it is nece
  • Safely Close the Arterial Puncture Site After Greenovo

    Date:2015-11-26    Source:Greenovo
    During the procedure, pressure recording at the balloon edge represents a reliable and accurate method for ensuring vessel occlusion Additionally, due to total vessel occlusion, the mechanical pressure applied at the site, if deemed necessary
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