• Three Groin Compression Methods Following Cardiac Catheterization

    Date:2015-11-25    Source:Greenovo
    This reduction in vascular complications will in turn decrease time of bed rest and duration of hospitalization resulting in higher levels of patient satisfaction, compared to bandage and compressor device
  • The Fine Points of radial Hemostasis Management

    Date:2015-11-24    Source:Greenovo
    In the majority of patients, recanalization of the occluded radial artery occurs during the following month with re-establishment of radial artery patency In some patients with acute occlusion in whom recanalization does not occur, permanent obliteration of the radial artery lumen occurs as a result of fibrotic organization of the thrombus
  • Pressure at the catheter puncture site with reference to comfort level and prevention of vascular complications among patients

    Date:2015-11-23    Source:Greenovo
    A total of 106 subjects with 53 each in Manual and C Clamp group were taken up for the study The concepts of the study were based on the Betty Neumann s theory 8 Data was collected by using interview schedule and assessment Performa A numerical rating scale was used to assess the level of comfort immediately after each compression method at the catheter puncture site
  • Angio-Seal Percutaneous Femoral Artery Closure Device after Diagnostic

    Date:2015-11-17    Source:Greenovo
    Blood samples for ACT measurements were obtained at the end of the procedure Patients receiving intracoronary stents would receive aspirin 100-300 mg day and clopidogrel 300 mg as a loading dose followed by 75 mg day if there were no contraindications
  • Impact of Previous Systematic Femoral Angiography and Hemostasis With Greenovo Collagen Plug

    Date:2015-11-16    Source:Greenovo
    We carried out a prospective study of an unselected sample of 540 patients consecutively undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterization Digital angiography of the ipsilateral femoral region, with manual injection of a contrast agent through a 6 Fr (Medtronic) sheath was systematically performed on all patients We filmed the oblique anterior right 50º projection as it is the view that best separates the bifurcation from the common femoral artery and shows the puncture site
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