• Effectiveness and Safety of Manual Hemostasis Facilitated by the SyvekPatch With

    Date:2015-10-09    Source:Greenovo
    The incidence of access site complications is low after coronary angiography using manual compression of the arterial access site and bedrest of 4 to 6 hours 1,2,7–9 In an environment with increasing costs and decreasing reimbursements, the safe and ef?cient management of patients after outpatient coronary angiography is important A method for decreasing bedrest time, thereby improving patient satisfaction and laboratory eficiency without increasing complications
  • Safety and hemostatic efficacy of fibrin pad in partial nephrectomy: Results of

    Date:2015-09-30    Source:Greenovo
    We evaluated the safety and hemostatic efficacy of a new advanced biologic combination product―fibrin pad―to potentially address some gaps associated with TAHs Fibrin pad was assessed as adjunctive hemostat in open partial nephrectomy in single-center, open-label, Phase I study (N = 10), and as primary hemostat in multicenter, single-blind
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