• Hemostatic bandage:Development of Hemostatic Dressings for Use in Military Operations

    Date:2015-12-31    Source:Greenovo
    For the past nine years, the United States Army has worked closely with the American Red Cross (ARC) to develop a field-ready hemostatic bandages that can effectively stop arterial bleeding from major wounds
  • Hemostatic Dressing Reduce Intraoperative Blood Loss - Greenovo

    Date:2015-12-25    Source:Greenovo
    A relatively unexplored hemostatic product in the surgical setting is the advanced hemostatic dressing Since the Iraq and Afghanistan military operations, hemostatic agents have developed rapidly to address local hemorrhage control
  • Hemostatic efficacy of chitosan-based bandage for closure of percutaneous arterial access sites: An experimental study in heparinized sheep model

    Date:2015-11-12    Source:Greenovo
    These devices either replace or shorten the time of manual compression at the puncture site 5,6 Externally applied hemostatic patches and pads that accelerate the hemocoagulation process at the puncture site are one of the newest PACD types Acceleration of hemostasis is caused by active ingredients of the patches and pads that contain procoagulants that potentiate clot formation
  • Platelet.Leukocyte Interaction and Thrombosis

    Date:2015-10-27    Source:Greenovo
    Experimental and clinical data have showed that platelet—leukocyte(PLT.WBC)interaction mainly in— volves a novel cation—independent adhesion(i.e.hetero— typic aggregation)and two pairs of protein.Among them, P.selectin/P—selectin glycoprotein ligand一1 f PS/PSGL一 1 1 is the most important pair.Platelets are known to bind Leukocyte via their P—selectin(CD 62P,GMP一 140).Upon cell activation,a disulfide.
  • Endovascular embolization for gastrointestinal bleeding caused by splenic arteriovenous fistula

    Date:2015-10-26    Source:Greenovo
    The patient suffered from repeated episodes of hematemesis and melena for the past 2 days, accompanied by dizziness and weakness.He was not an alcohol drinker and did not have any history of chronic liver and pancreatic diseases.Two years earlier,he received a splenectomy and partial pancreatectomy at a lpeal hospital because of trauma.and he had a good postoperative recovery until the present admission.
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