Radial Artery Compression Hemostat

It is specially designed to stop bleeding for radial artery interventional operation. Using the feature that biological polysaccharide carries a large number of positive charge to contact with the negative charge in red blood cells. The contact would promote a large number of red blood cells to aggregate to form into the blood clots in the needle within 60 seconds. The blood clots would close puncture wound to protect the effect of anticoagulant drugs in the blood from the complications such as bleeding, hematoma, false aneurysm;

With reliable pressurizing and convenient operation, It can provide more effective compression experience;

The arm plate designed by the human body engineering can tightly cling to arm and the radian of scientific The arm plate was designed with an emphasis on ergonomics. The Radian can fully exposed radial artery to provide good puncture position. Meanwhile the pressure can be evenly dispersed so as to solve the problem of the blocked vein. The arm would stay comfortable and there is no swelling .

Precision & Performance – Industry Gold Standard:

  • Indications:Suitable for radial artery interventional surgery to stop the bleeding
  • Applicable department:Cardiology
  • Product model:R1


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