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  • Greenovo Safety Evaluation of New Hemostatic Agents,Smectite Granules,and Kaolin-Coated Gauze

    Date:2016-05-24    Source:Greenovo
    The selected products were tested in a lethal femoral artery hemorrhage model in pigs that could not be stopped
  • Clinical and Subclinical Femoral Vascular Complications - Greenovo Arterial hemostasis

    Date:2016-03-14    Source:Greenovo
    However, their impact on vascular complications is, at best, no different than manual compression and in some cas
  • The experience with the Greenovo vascular access closure device: a human study

    Date:2015-11-30    Source:Greenovo
    The number of patients included in this study was low This prevents us to reach conclusive results We included only the patients undergoing diagnostic coronary angiography with 6 F sheath Hence, it is necessary to conduct another study with larger sheath in the patients undergoing coronary interventions According to our hospital policy, we do not use heparin in diagnostic procedures
  • Safely Close the Arterial Puncture Site After Greenovo

    Date:2015-11-26    Source:Greenovo
    During the procedure, pressure recording at the balloon edge represents a reliable and accurate method for ensuring vessel occlusion Additionally, due to total vessel occlusion, the mechanical pressure applied at the site, if deemed necessary
  • Impact of Previous Systematic Femoral Angiography and Hemostasis With Greenovo Collagen Plug

    Date:2015-11-16    Source:Greenovo
    We carried out a prospective study of an unselected sample of 540 patients consecutively undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterization Digital angiography of the ipsilateral femoral region, with manual injection of a contrast agent through a 6 Fr (Medtronic) sheath was systematically performed on all patients We filmed the oblique anterior right 50º projection as it is the view that best separates the bifurcation from the common femoral artery and shows the puncture site
  • Evaluation of post-puncture bleeding time of arteriovenous fistulas with Greenovo bandage

    Date:2015-11-10    Source:Greenovo
    Three patients were treated with oral anticoagulants (coumadin or fluidione) and 29 with antiplatelet agents (clopidogrel or aspirin) Dosages of oral anticoagulants (coumadin or fluidione) were adjusted to have an international normalized ratio between 2 and 3 Local anesthesia before puncture was used in 40 patients Vascular accesses were native arteriovenous fistulas except in one case where a polytetrafluoroethylene brachioaxillary graft was used
  • An Investigational Greenovo hemostatic dressing for the Treatment of Hemophilia and Rare Bleeding Disorders

    Date:2015-10-16    Source:Greenovo
    The Greenovo Endo study will evaluate the long-term safety and efficacy of Greenovo Bandage and provide people wi
  • Arterial Puncture Site Management After Percutaneous Transluminal Procedures Using a Hemostatic Wound Dressing (Greenovo) Versus Conventional Manual Compression

    Date:2015-10-16    Source:Greenovo
    Safety and Complications In the 209 patients, 21 (10 0%) puncture-related complications were observed: 11 (5 3%) pseudoaneurysms with a 9-mm median diameter (interquartile range 8–12), 9 (4 3%) hematomas, and 1 (0 5%) major bleeding complication (Table 2) There were 6 (2 9%) episodes of minor bleeding and no AVFs One patient underwent surgical repair of a pseudoaneurysm; all other complications were managed conservatively The 7 bleedingcomplications occurred shortly after primary successful
  • A rapid hemostatic wound dressing and preparation method and application

    Date:2015-09-30    Source:Greenovo
    A method for rapid hemostasis wound dressing, the main components include zeolite and a water-absorbent resin (2) as claimed in claim 1, wherein the rapid hemostatic wound dressing, characterized in that: said zeolite is pretreated and activated after screening a particle diameter of 0 2mm-l
  • Greenovo Film Scar

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    Biological polysaccharide material would increse the skin stratum corneum moisture content and enhance the permeability of scar of water-soluble protein and mixture of inflammatory Then It would spread to the surface of the scar to make it soft The double-layer structure can inhibit the Water vapor evaporation of scar surface
  • Greenovo Pow

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    It can condense into a blood clot after covering the wound in several minutes , and the blood clot can be removed quite easily The wound position is not restricted, It is safe to use all over the body such as head, neck, chest and abdomen especially suitable for penetrating wound
  • Greenovo EM

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    It can be pressed to stop bleeding within 2 mins when it comes to arterial hemorrhage Easy to operate, no configuration, covering the wound to press to stop the bleeding No heat, no burn wounds
  • Greenovo Nasal

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    It can rapidly expand and oppressed the bleeding after the absorption of blood osmotic solutions;With strong adaptability, the irregular nasal passages also can be oppressed effectively;The rich positive charge from biological polysaccharide active material can promote rapid agglutination of red blood cells,and form stable blood clots within 60 seconds Dissolving automatically, easy to remove
  • Greenovo Piles

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    After contact with anorectal wound It would dissolve rapidly and expand into gel , then form a protective film on the surface to avoid external stimuli and effective in relieving mucosa edema, belly pain, etc Meanwhile,It can absorb the inflammatory substances what caused pain in the wound— slow excitation peptide, histamine and so on to ease pain
  • Greenovo Dental

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    The biological activity of polysaccharide material would be activated and has strong self-adhesive after blood contact with oral wounds,which can form stable blood clot to cover the wound bed quickly within 60 seconds
  • Greenovo Catheter

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    The high positive charge from biological activity of polysaccharide material can affect the permeability of bacterial cell walls and inhibit bacteria proliferation,thus forming the wound antibacterial barrier to reduce catheter-related bloodstream infection effectively
  • Greenovo Endo

    Date:2015-09-29    Source:Greenovo
    The biological polyethylene polysaccharide material carries intensive positive charge, which can disrupt the permeability of bacterial cell membrane and efficiently inhibit bacteria breeding to prevent the infection of incision
  • Greenovo Bandage

    Date:2015-09-28    Source:Greenovo
    Memory bandage can be fixed to compress continuously and free the hands of medical staff The rich positive charge from biological polysaccharide active material can promote rapid agglutination of red blood cells, forming stable blood clots to block puncture channel within 60 seconds
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