Intraosseous (I.O.) infusion

This is a disposable Intraosseous Infusion (I.O.I.) device that administers a spring loaded trocar needle into the bone marrow to achieve a route for vascular access when the intravenous route is difficult or not immediately possible.

This I.O. device offers easy , rapid and safe, and alternative method for vascular access for administration of intravenous fluids, medications and blood products in elective as well as emergency situation in infants and adult patients.

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Bone structure

What’s the intraosseous(I.O.)infusion

Marrow cavity has highly differentiated vascular structures, it can be considered a fixed intravenous which used on high-dose fluid and drug infusion, and can quickly enter the center loop. Intramedullary vascular sinus vein can empty into the central vein in the form of emissary veins and nutritional intravenous.

Needle diameter: 15G
Penetration length: 2.5CM
Penetration depth: 1-2CM
Package size: 178*100MM
EO sterilization ,single use

Rapid and safe achievement of venous access -- No need for twisting (screwing) movement into the bone
Small, compact, and disposable I.O. device -- No parts to assemble or locate,No Capital expense/Reusable parts
Fast access -- <20 seconds and it’s in (open package, place, fire)
Pre-set Needle Depth -- Adjustable Pediatric needle depth selected by age
Very reliable –- more than 96% success rate
Rapid learning curve by physicians and medics -- See one, do one, know one

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How the Intraosseous (I.O.) infusion Works

The Intraosseous (I.O.) infusion is a simple, automatic intraosseous device ready to use for safe, quick, and easy vascular access.

  1. Hold the bottom end firmly, 90° to the bone
  2. Squeeze and pull out the red safety latch
  3. While holding the bottom firmly,press down with palm of you hand
  4. Remove Intraosseous (I.O.) infusion by pulling upward with a slight side-to-side motion
  5. Clip and secure the needle,using the red safety latch and tape
  6. Remove the trocar needle (stylet)
  7. Connect an extension set for a standard IV
  8. Confirm needle placement by aspirating and flushing

Applications and Products use matters needing attention

The Clinical Application of Disposable Intraosseous Infusion Devices

The Clinical Application of Disposable Intraosseous Infusion Devices


in many hospitals to establish intravenous infusion channel fails, the urgent need to establish a batch wounded infusion channel, cardiopulmonary resuscitation fluid passage need to establish,

Intraosseous Infusion Devices Used in The rescue of Critically Ill Patients

Intraosseous Infusion Devices Used in The rescue of Critically Ill Patients


intraosseous infusion device is quick and easy, operation is simple, can be used as critically ill patients in an emergency infusion channel established methods


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